ICoIAS' 2023 | September 22-24, 2023

Six keynote speakers fulfilled their profund talk at 6th ICoIAS, IEEE Fellow, Prof. Dongrui Wu; IEEE Fellow, Prof. Yongduan Song; IEEE Fellow, Prof. Kay Chen Tan; IEEE Fellow, Prof. Shen Yin; IEEE Fellow, Prof. Leszek Rutkowski and Distinguished Prof. Guang Ren. Around 80 attendees gather in Qinhuandgao, sharing the academic feast for intelligent autonomous systems, Widening the discipline knowledge, connecting to the latest researches.

第六届国际智能自主系统学术研讨会(ICoIAS)于9月22日至24日在秦皇岛举行,共有六位重要的主讲人发表了他们深入的演讲。这六位主讲人分别是IEEE院士伍冬睿教授、宋永端教授、Kay Chen Tan教授、Shen Yin教授、Leszek Rutkowski教授和任光教授。大约有80名与会者聚集在一起,分享智能自主系统的学术盛宴,拓宽学科知识,与最新的研究进行交流。 

ICoIAS' 2023 Group Photo 

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On September 23, Prof. Meng Joo Er and Prof. Limin Wang made welcome address respectively. On keynote speeches session, Prof. Dongrui Wu (IEEE Fellow), Prof. Guang Ren, Prof. Yongduan Song (IEEE Fellow), Prof. Kay Chen Tan (IEEE Fellow), Prof. Shen Yin (IEEE Fellow) and Prof. Leszek Rutkowski (IEEE Fellow) delivered excellent speeches.

会议于9月23日上午开幕。会议伊始大会联合主席,燕山大学华长春教授主持开幕式,大连海事大学余明裕教授致和燕山大学副校长王利民教授分别开幕辞。在主讲嘉宾环节,大会邀请到6位来自国内外的IEEE会士和专家: IEEE院士伍冬睿教授、宋永端教授、Kay Chen Tan教授、Shen Yin教授、Leszek Rutkowski教授和任光教授分别作了精彩报告。


Moreover the conference was composed of Best Paper Competition, Best Student Papers Competitions, poster session and 3 technical oral sessions, topics covered, for example, Visual Based Image Analysis and Application, Modern Control Technology and Intelligent System Design, Intelligent Image Processing and Computing Methods and so on. Each parallel session went through smoothly and “Best Presentation” award was issued at the dinner banquet.


Best Student Paper Awards
AS23-556: Haiyu Wang | AS23-517: Kexin Zhang | AS23-574: Siqi Wang | AS23-554: Yifan Zhang | AS23-569: Yuguang Zhang | AS23-576: Chen Li
Best Paper Awards
AS23-512: Litao Zhu | AS23-513: Zhenyu Song | AS23-565: Yuxiang Wang
Best Poster Presentation Award
AS23-541: Yao Yao, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, China


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