Call for Papers

Download Call for Paper here ICIAS 2018-CFP.pdf  ICIAS 2018-CFP-Chinese.pdf
Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
A. Advanced Intelligent Control
    Autonomous Learning
    Composite Learning
    Disturbance Observer
    Self-organizing Algorithm
    Reinforcement Learning
    Adaptive Dynamic Programming
B. System Modeling and Optimization
     Intelligent Optimization and Applications
     System Modelling and Parameter Estimation
     Machine Learning
C. Vision and Navigation
     Sensors and architectures
     Image processing
     Pattern recognition
     SLAM technologies

D. Applications to Autonomous Systems
     Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
     Unmanned Surface Vehicles
     Robotics Systems
     Flexible Manipulators
     Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
     Robotics in school
     Robotics curricula
     International trends in educational robotics
     Project-based learning and robotics
     Didactic approaches in educational robotics
     Exemplary robotics projects in classes
     Web-based robotics and simulation
     Assessment and evaluation of robotics--enhanced class activities
     Integration of robotics in school science/informatics/technology curricula
     Integration of robotics in other subjects and school curricula
     Evaluation criteria and tools for measuring the impact of robotics on students’ learning
     Constructivism / constructionism and robotics
     Teacher training in educational robotics
     Methodologies for teaching robotics
     Robotics competitions/contests and their educational impact
     Robotics through Edutainment / Museums / Personal robots and their educational value
     Web-based Robotics, Simulation, remote educational robotics
     Humanoid Robots in education